Sunday, April 24, 2011

St. Paul police asking for information after man hospitalized in shooting

from the STrib:

St. Paul police are investigating a shooting on the city's West Side that hospitalized an 18-year-old man late Saturday.
According to police:
Officers responded about 11 p.m. Saturday to a report of a fight in the 400 block of Clinton Av. While on the way, police received reports of gunfire near the scene.
When they arrived, officers found the victim inside a home with a gunshot wound in his upper body..

Police have not established a motive for the shooting, but early investigation points to several fights that broke out during a party at the home where the victim was found.
Because, nothing says party like a little shooting; nothing says Happy Easter weekend (or, Passover Weekend) like the discharge of a fire arm.  What pro-gun advocates like to claim is about a gift from god.

In St. Paul, Minnesota, one of the supposedly safest 10% of the states in this country - where most people are even less safe from gun violence than this.


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