Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Proposed Wisconsin Gun Laws Too Extreme Even for the Right

When right wing radio hosts – who generally support concealed, loaded weapons in public – call pro gun legislation “screwed up,” you know it's extreme.
What do you think? Will common sense prevail in Wisconsin now that well-known gun-rights folks are speaking out?

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  1. Yes, because we the gun rights movement are going to beat you into submission....

  2. What are you afraid of? Is blood running in the streets of Minnesota, Vermont, Alaska, and all of the other CCW States? Criminals have concealed weapons NOW in case you haven't noticed. It's time for ordinary citizens to be able to protect themselves.

  3. Yes, Anomumbass, there is far too much gun violence. I'd rather have a lawfull society than one where people are shooting up other people on the pretext of protecting themselves. That is not a civilized society, it is a form of violent lawlessness.

    A civilized society is one where there is less violence, and where the shooting is conducted by the police as needed, and even then as minimally frequent as possible.

  4. That's right, Anonymous. There is "blood running in the streets." We want less of it. What do you want, more?