Monday, September 26, 2011

Myrtle Beach is Doing It

Why do you think some gun-right's people oppose these gun buy-back programs? I've heard some extremely strong negative reactions to them.They say they don't do any good or that people turn in unworkable guns or that some valuable or antique guns may get destroyed.

My theory about the reason for opposition is simple. The programs designed to take guns out of circulation highlight the very important element of gun availability. It is a crucial aspect of crime and violence, of domestic abuse and suicide. Gun availability exacerbates all of these problems. And once gun owners accept that, it's impossible for them to shirk their obvious responsibility for the situation.

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. Mikeb302000:

    Thanks for the post, you make some very good points. I do think you're wrong about two things.

    Gunzloonz don't think all that much about anything that they rant about in terms of "gun control"; they simply react to the two words (regardless of their placement in a sentence) as Pavlov's dogs did to the bell. Hind brain at work, not much else.

    Additionally, they feel NO responsibility for any of the terrible carnage, broken lives, billions spent on incarceration of criminals or public health costs for shooting victims. None, nada, zip. So, for them, it's not a question of "accepting responsibility"; it's more a question of accepting reality.

  2. Mainly we just hate seeing a $4,000 Luger that hasn't been fired since 1919 get turned in to be destroyed all for a grocery card that will be used to buy malt liquor.

  3. It's only a $4,000 luger if you can find someone who will buy it for that!

    I'm not sure if you are familiar with the REME Museum of Technology Firearms Section. They acquired their weapons from going through guns turned in during various gun amnesties.

    The real issue is that most of these guns will not be collector's items. Some may even be crime guns (that's an issue during gun amnesties as to whether the guns will be ballistically checked, etc.).

    How much do you want to be they are more like Bryco .380s or other junk guns, FWM?

    The upshot is that the guns go off the street.

    Unfortunately, in the US, one can buy a newer better gun to replace it.

    As for a giftcard to buy malt liquor, the card is for CostCo. I don't believe CostCo sells liquor--although I could be wrong. it didn't turn up on aa search of the site.

    That's rather a nasty stereotype.