Saturday, December 24, 2011

Drinking and Guns Don't Mix

The Statesman Journal reports on the drunken shenanigans that led to one brother killing another.

After initially pretending it was a suicide:

Brandon then said that he had been trying to play a joke on his brother and thought the gun wasn't loaded.

As the two were walking through the living room, Brandon Orosco grabbed the gun off the couch, pointed it at his brother's forehead and pulled the trigger.

"He stated he had been really 'drunk' and what he did was a 'stupid joke,'" the detective wrote in the affidavit. "I asked Brandon if he wiped down the gun to hide his fingerprints and he stated, 'It seems like I did.'"
Good thing this is so extremely rare that 99% of the gun owners out there would never have so much as a single beer while guns are around. Isn't that more-or-less what they keep telling us?

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  1. Drunk, but not so drunk he put the gun up to his own head and pulled the trigger. Umhmmm.

    Well, we don't have ALL of the facts yet, so per Greg Camp's notions about the guy who blew HIS FUCKING BRAINS OUT at the shooting range, we should withhold judgment. Maybe his brother ASKED him to shoot him in the head. Hey, we weren't there, what do we know?

  2. Democommie,

    What do you know? Not much, especially about me.

  3. I know that you make on a regular and frequent basis, nonsensical and ludicrous statements regarding, well, shit, everything.

    Will you now be telling us that you didn't say we needed to wait for all the facts before we could determine if the guy who BLEW HIS FUCKING BRAINS OUT was, in fact, a suicide. Or, conversely, will you be telling us that you've researched the incident and determined what actually happened, based on forensics reports and eye/earwitness testimony? Somehow I doubt the latter will be the case.

    What do I know about you. I know you are a "shootist fantasist". I know that you would, willingly, kill someone who attempted to take the money that you were carrying. I know that you think carrying a gun makes you safer. I know that you think you're faster, smarter and wiser than other people when it comes to dealing with "threats". I know that you deliberately misrepresent the positions of people with whom you disagree. I know that you are more than a bit touchy about your privacy--while having a publicly accessible blog and making hundreds of traceable comments on this blog. I know that you posted a photo of yourself in a ridiculous "Wild West" get-up and then got embarassed (and pissed off to the point of making threats about filing complaints with ISP's) when that photo was used, legally, by Laci The Dog.

    I don't know much about you, Greg Camp. I know WAAAAAAAAAY the fuck more than I ever wanted to.

  4. I knew both these men my entire life. What happened was an absolute tragedy.

  5. I knew Brandon, the shooter, pretty well. He had real drinking issues, several DUIs. One night he showed up at my door with booze in his backpack and pulled out a pistol to show me. I said no guns allowed here and sent him home. Two weeks later he was in jail for shooting his brother dead.