Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Zimmerman Trial Day 2

Yahoo News reports

For the prosecution:

Wendy Dorival, who trained Zimmerman in his duties as the watch representative for his gated community, described him as “a little meek” and someone who wanted to “make changes in his community to make it better.”

For the defense:

The photos were as unforgettable as they were haunting: Trayvon Martin’s dead body, sprawled out in wet grass; the 17-year-old’s Nike shirt, pierced with a bullet hole; his limp wrist; his chest; and his face, slack.

Second day wrapup:

Jurors will likely not forget the images of Martin’s body, yet their mental picture of Zimmerman on the night of Martin’s death will weigh far more in the outcome of this trial.


  1. Hope they got to see TM's gold teeth and the fact that he was 185# of 17yo rather than the cute little chubby faced cherub that his moronic parents were trying to portray him as.

    1. Why would trying to spin the thing in their favor make them morons?

  2. Because it is a trial about facts not "spin", and if you were the least bit honest about your ignorance of the law you would know that GZ was attacked by a 185# running back not a chubby little 13yo.

    And the facts in this case are that TM's parents were not very good at their job.

  3. Morons told their son that attacking someone that is chasing you rather than running away and calling the police (only GA called the police why is that?) was the smart thing to do.....

    And how smart could they really be if they had to resort to "spin", after their stellar parenting failed.

  4. (only GZ called the police why is that?)