Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Communism fell

No, one of the reasons was not that they had guns.

It was that reception of western radio and television broadcasts provided alternative news sources to the limited official news sources that were provided the Communist regimes. Strict censorship could not prevent the flow of free information around official channels.

Of course, one needed to be aware of the fact that official propaganda was usually untrue. But according to those who lived through this era, the propanganda was fairly obvious.

While the US does not engage in State Censorship of the press, the corporatocratic authorities have consolidated the media in such a way that it is easily controlled to present a very passive picture of life in the US. This is useful for the rise of the right wing that works against the interest of the majority of US citizens.

Arise, US citizens, the internet is your key to free information if you know how to use it.


  1. This is why our policies toward Cuba have been so utterly stupid. We embargo Cuba--it gives despots like the Castros every opportunity to claim "the US is doing this to you--not us."

    If we really wanted Castro out, we'd have opened full and normalized realtions with Cuba years ago. When Cubans get to see they're missing out on the capitalist utopia, the Castro brothers would be hanging by their heels in the public square.

    Instaed, we have a bunch of kooky rightwing fascists in FL wishing for the old days when daddy had the plantation and the serfs to work it.

  2. And people would go to Cuba for some early sexual tourism to have sex with children, gamble, do drugs, and all sorts of fun vices.