Thursday, February 4, 2016

Carnage and Cravenness: Gun Violence In America


"These tragedies occur because, despite the wishes of the vast majority, our efforts to control the flow of weapons are among the most feeble in the world. So there is something else which must be said, out of respect to Carlos Miller and the countless others who have died for no good reason."


  1. The numbers are just sickening and what do people want - guns.

    The numbers are only going to rise.

    Damage done.

    Millions upon millions of guns and all the loons can spout is how they are getting them taken away.

    As a country associated with more violence than anywhere else for the most part we are truly fucked.

    The crazy bastards are never satisfied.

    1. One Fly,
      Are you referring to the numbers of gun owners? We've discussed that that is already happening. The number of guns in citizens' hands and the number of citizens who have decided to carry a firearm for self defense has grown rapidly, yet violent crime, gun homicides, and accidental gun deaths have all steadily declined.

      "Millions upon millions of guns and all the loons can spout is how they are getting them taken away."

      This fighting of any infringement in an individual right isn't unique to gun rights. One has but to replace the word "guns" with "abortions" and the sentence would fit right into any debate on reproductive rights.

  2. Pretty cool that he was able to write an op-ed piece that also manages to push one of his novels. I wonder if this a common part of his writing style...

  3. The author, who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a shadow government agency, lays his cards and goals of his friends on the table. They want a world government, a removal of the Constitution & Bill of Rights and total control over everyone and everything. Kinda hard to pull off in an armed society.

    orlin sellers

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