Friday, March 6, 2015

Maryland Man Who Accidentally Shot Friend Given Suspended Sentence

Local news reports

Ryan Joshua Washington, 22 of Upper Marlboro, was facing a nightmare in Charles County Circuit Court Wednesday, March 4 before Judge James H. West.

Washington was facing a charge of reckless endangerment stemming from an accidental shooting July 31, 2013.

The victim told West that the shooting was a “total accident,” saying Washington was his best friend and they were conducting training exercises, clearing a building, when the defendant’s shotgun discharged.

The blast ricocheted off a ceiling fan and sprayed him with buckshot.

“It was an accident,” he explained to the court. “He and his mother have been helping me with my hospital bill. Honestly, I don’t think putting him in jail would really serve any purpose. He’s a good kid. I’m asking the court to please have mercy.”

West handed down a three-year sentence.

“I’m going to suspend that and give you two years of unsupervised probation,” the judge said.
The court also required Washington perform 40 hours of community service.

Meet AR State Rep. Justin Harris (R-NRA)

Meet Justin Harris of Arkansas.  He's one of the NRA's favorite legislators in the state.

He also conforms to the typical morality of an NRA member:

On April 4, 2014, a 38-year-old resident of Bella Vista named Eric Cameron Francis was arrested by the Arkansas State Police for the rape of a 6-year-old girl in what the police said was his temporary care. Sexual crimes against children always attract a certain horrified attention, but this particular case earned additional scrutiny because Francis had recently worked as head teacher at a Christian preschool in West Fork owned by state Rep. Justin Harris (R-West Fork) and his wife, Marsha.

What Harris did not publicly disclose last spring, however, is how Francis came into contact with the 6-year-old victim. In prosecutor documents recently obtained by the Arkansas Times, state police investigators and multiple witnesses concur that the child was in fact the legally adopted daughter of Justin and Marsha Harris.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Emily Miller: NRA Grifter

What an exciting story!  A young woman returns home one afternoon to find a swarthy criminal ransacking the house.  Fleeing this animal, she runs outside--only to be pursued by a gang of over a dozen criminal hoodlums!  If only she had a firearm...

Emily Miller--a Faux News "reporter" parlayed her harrowing experience into a book and a lecture tour about how she got a gun and how Obama wants to take it away.

Problem is, the story is fulla crap.

A document from the D.C. police department shows that Emily Miller, the chief investigative reporter for WTTG-TV (Fox 5), didn’t fall victim to a home invasion on New Year’s Day 2010 as she has told various interviewers in recent years, including some gun-rights lobbying groups. Instead, Miller spotted someone leaving the property as she returned from walking a dog.“[Miller] stated that she left out to walk the dog at 1515hrs and when she returned at 1525hrs she observed [the suspect] exiting from behind the fence which leads to the side of the house. [Miller] asked [suspect] ‘What are you doing here’ and [suspect] stated ‘I am delivering firewood,’” according to a supplemental D.C. police report.
Still more:

But the 15-person-strong band of scruffies doesn’t make the supplemental report’s description:
[Miller] stated that she went into the house and felt that something was not right, so she exited the house to take a photo of [suspect's] vehicle. [Suspect] approached [Miller] and gave her a business card that stated [a tree service] and [suspect] left the scene. [Miller] stated that [suspect] was operating a silver pick up truck with landscaping on the side of it.
[Miller] stated that she was contacted by her credit card company at 1945hrs about some fraudulent charges on her credit card. [Miller] stated that she checked her purse and noticed that her Visa credit card and $50.00 in US Currency was missing. [Miller] stated that while she was out walking the dog she had left her purse on the counter in the kitchen of the offense location.

New Background Check Push Met with NRA Lies and Diversion


The National Rifle Association opposes expanding background checks. The organization says many people sent to prison because of gun crimes get their guns through theft or the black market, and no amount of background checks can stop those criminals. The group attributed the effort on Capitol Hill to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has worked to impose stricter background checks in several states.

"If Bloomberg and his supporters were serious about solving underlying problems, they would work to reform our broken mental health system, not attack the rights of America's 100 million gun owners," said Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA's lobbying arm.

The lie is that criminals who get their guns from the "black market" would not be hindered by universal background checks. Many of the guns in the black market get there through private sales with no background check. Requiring background checks on all gun sales would cut into the pool of guns available in the black market.

The diversion is suggesting that reforming the "broken mental health system" is the solution rather than gun control.

Another lie is that requiring background checks on private sales is an "attack the rights of America's 100 million gun owners."

California Ghost Guns - A Growing Problem

New Orleans Triple Shooting - Mother and Daughter Dead

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Iowa Class Teaches How To Openly Carry A Baby While Carrying A Gun


Freak Out Nation

An Iowa woman is leading a baby-wearing, gun carrying workshop, because there’s nothing cuter than Second Amendment babies and we all know that guns and toddlers are a great combination.

“If you’re a mother, and if you’re an armed mother, they have to. You have no choice,” said Melody Lauer/mother-gun instructor, as if she really feels there is no other choice.

“I was actually working at both a gun store and a parenting center at the same time,” Lauer said.
She’s not trying to convince parents that they should carry a gun. Simply encouraging them to do it safely, if they choose to.

“We have seen a huge insurgence in young mothers – mothers of young children, wanting to get into firearms. And what’s happening is we don’t have instructors that are addressing their needs. So they just do it. They don’t do it right and then they end up having an accident,” Lauer said.

Who are these ‘insurgent’ mothers who are rising up against the government? She may not know the definition of actual words, but you can put the safety of your children in her crazy hands.

“If you have baby on one side, it’s best to have gun on the other side,” Lauer said as if no one knew about this concept before.