Saturday, October 25, 2008

Convicted Felons Allowed to Vote

In most states, convicted non-violent felons can regain their right to vote. In Virginia, this may favor Obama. has the story.

Thousands of former felons may be voting in the upcoming election, thanks to Virginia's two most recent Democratic governors.

Former Gov. Mark Warner and current Gov. Tim Kaine both worked to restore the voting rights of nearly 6,000 nonviolent felons in Virginia. During his 2002-2006 term, Warner helped 3,414 of these felons regain their right to vote. Kaine did the same for 2,576 felons in the first three years of his term.

To me this is the very type of progressive thinking that I'd expect from Democrats. It seems almost incompatible with the party line for a Republican governor to do something like this. If the movement catches on, who knows, perhaps white collar felons will one day be able to regain their right to bear arms under the Second Amendment.

What do you think? Will we ever see the day when a non-violent offender will be able to regain all his rights? Or do you think once a felon always a felon?


  1. Mike,

    I agree with Tom, if a person can't be trusted to vote or carry a firearm, can they be trusted to be in public?

    I think that we need to restore all the rights of a person after they have served their time. Voting is a fundamental right, along with self defense. If a person has abused the right to carry a firearm and can not be trusted, that person shouldn't be allowed in public.

    Same with voting, it really is that simple isn't it?

  2. I reckon you're a traitor as you wish to vote in a country you won't live in.

    I'd rather have felons vote than false Romans with Turk kids.