Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barack Obama by a Landslide

I just wanted to say it once more. I was already saying it in June. Today's the day. I think it's happening right now. The number of whites who just can't bring themselves to vote for Obama will be offset by the number of Republicans who just can't bring themselves to vote for McCain. The rest'll be history by tonight.


  1. You actually think race will be a factor here?

    Well I've read that somthing like 90-95% of the black vote will be going to Obama, so I guess it does. Or are somehow all black people in America THAT similar....

    I don't think we'll see a landslide at all. I think it will be in the margin of one state, and a good chance of recount drama.

    Also Riot Police will be called into several American cities in the next 24-48 hours.

    That's my prediction

  2. I was in Wal-Mart this weekend picking up a brick of .22s when a black gentleman walked up looking for the ammunition case.

    I waved him over and we started discussing what we were going to purchase. I laughed when he said "Have to stock up before Obama becomes president". I don't think every black person is voting for him, but I think enough are voting for him just because he is black.

    I'm not predicting a landslide. I think the polling has been biased. Also in the past, there has been a consistent effort by Democrats to leverage exit polling numbers. Republicans are more hesitant to talk to pollsters then Dems.

    Going to be an interesting night for sure.

  3. I don't see a landslide in the making. I think it's gonna be real close, actually.

    And sure...race is factor for some voters. Black AND white. It would be great if it wasn't, but that's the way it is for some folks. I know a few.

    And all I've been seeing on cable news today have been voting problems of one sort or another. So if it is close, then Weer'd may be right that we might be looking at another recount drama.

  4. i'm still hoping for a landslide. if Obama doesn't get that, we get stuck with geezer/airhead for at least four years.

  5. man, i hope you're right.

    But i fear that it is going to be MUCH closer than these early polls have led us to beleive.

    I honestly think that these early polls do more harm for obama than good. THey keep drilling into us that its gonna be a landslide, and people's votes wont matter much because hes got it in the bag...

  6. All people i talked with in the last few days over here are strongly for Obama.
    Yes, i do know he won't be our president but he will sure influence our lives over here as well.
    So i will be having my fingers crossed for him!!

  7. You certainly called it better than I did Mike.


    So any chance this election will bring you back to your Patria?

  8. Weer'd, Thanks for asking if the election results will bring me back. I'm afraid not, but one thing did happen as a result. I'm now thoroughly interested in politics, really for the first time. I think that's a good thing.

    One sad note, I didn't get my registration into NJ in time. I would have like to vote just to spite Thomas.

  9. one has to wonder what's worse in tom's eyes --- a "quisling" who votes while expat, or an expat who doesn't do his civic duty because he put it off too long...

    (i also seriously wonder if tom has any notion what Vidkun Quisling actually did to earn his infamy. hint: voting from abroad was not involved.)