Monday, December 1, 2008

What Do You Think About This?

Obama statues.


  1. It's Stalinist.

    What do you think about this?

  2. I can't agree with Tom on this one. I see it as silly merchandising, and nothing more.

    I'll also be VERY honest and say I suspect that there would have been Sarah Palin Merch had the election gone the other way. Also there has been such merch for Clinton and Reagan.

    When somebody has a marketable image (notice I didn't mention Biden or McCain) that market will be capitalized by a free economy.

    God Bless 'em!

    Also I was very impressed at the quality and watching the figures being made.

    Neat post, Mike!

  3. I'd rather have a John McCain A-4 Airplane Model or a Curtis LeMay edition B-29.

  4. I'm glad you guys liked that little video. It depicts a well-known street in Naples where they're famous for these hand-carved little statues that people put under their Christmas trees. Each year they add some political figures or celebrities to the usual Jesus, Mary and Joseph ones. They'll probably sell a bunch of the Obama figures because he's so popular here.