Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In the Ghetto

When the King was still in good shape. Check it out.


  1. He still looked good when that weas made and he still had it.
    I still love Viva Las Vegas...
    I tried to learn the bass line off of the original record and the right beat and I'm still traumatized.
    I only saw him once, in the early 70's in Toledo, Ohio and by that time, Elvis had all ready left the auditorium.....
    Thank you sir.

  2. Prefer the Fat doped up Elvis m'self

  3. Thangyoo, verra much!
    Room service! Gimmee anudda fluffanutta sammich with a side of nembutols...

    Oh yeh, annuda color TV, Ah shot out the screen uh this one, cause I lost the damn remote.

  4. That's the one I like, Micro!

    Never much cared for his music, so I prefer the Elvis that became a parody of himself.

    Also how do you cats stand on the theory that he was gay?