Friday, December 11, 2009

Zappadan Festival 2009 - Day 8

Wikipedia says, ""I Have Been in You" pokes fun at Peter Frampton's 1977 hit "I'm in You" while maintaining a sexually driven structure."


  1. Mike, I met frank one time and that was at the Shiek Yerbooti release oarty in NYC at the Bottom Line...
    I had slightly bogus press credentials and a real invite...
    It was pretty silly, a live camel, lots of middle eastern food, belly dancers and interestingly enough, William Burroughs and his entourage of very straight looking young men...
    I spoke with Burroughs and found him totally cryptic and worth the price of admission alone...

    Zappa arrived in his shiek outfit and I introduced my self as a writer for Cream Magazine, but of course, the fawning ass fan in me totally subverted any real discussion of anyting...though he was very cool.... interesting aside for you:
    Check out this discussion at

  2. Thanks for that wonderful Zappa story. I was in the audience once at the Bottom Line, I forget who was performing, but Alice Cooper and Bill Graham were in the audience with us. That place was small enough that you almost couldn't help meeting the others especially if you wanted to. Plus there were all those social lubricants going around. Similar scene. Great times.