Sunday, March 10, 2013

United Nations Agency Demands U.S. Government Sue States over marijuana Decriminalization Laws


From the Trenches

Americans have differing opinions about the wisdom of marijuana legalization but most of us would agree that no matter what we think about it personally, it is an issue for Americans to decide.

So, an admonishment by a United Nations agency urging the U.S. government to sue the states of Colorado and Washington, whose citizens recently voted to support pot legalization in their states, should be dismissed out of hand as the carnival sideshow that it is, right?

If only it were that easy.

You see, while such decisions should be left for Americans and states to decide on their own, decades of allowing our leaders to strike bargains (otherwise known as “treaties”) with the UN has created an impediment to liberty, thus allowing an unelected global body a say in our country’s political processes. Some call that “civilized” and “reasonable;” George Washington called such arrangements an “entangling alliance” we should strive to avoid.

Then there is that federal law regarding marijuana…

Nevertheless, the International Narcotics Control Board is now prodding the U.S. government to challenge Colorado and Washington in court over pot legalization for recreational use in those states because the agency says the laws violate international drug treaties, The Seattle Times reported.


  1. Let's get something straight, it is not pot legalization, it is in fact re-legalization. Pot, heroin, cocaine, and all the rest were completely legal until the Congress had to find something for the G men to do after Prohibition ended.

    Here's an idea for the dumb fucks at the UN, why don't you take care of the over 200 resolutions regarding Israel and that terrorist state.

    orlin sellers

  2. There is only one reason for the United States to be involved with the U.N.: our veto in the Security Council. Beyond that, the bloody-minded talk shop is free to express whatever drivel it wishes. We will ignore it as needed.

  3. I say tell them to pound sand.