Friday, June 28, 2013

Aaron Hernandez Charged with Murder


  1. Given the number of news stories we see about athletes who commit violent crimes, shouldn't we ban some types of sports, license and register athletes, only allow athletes to go to some places and not to others, and so forth?

    That's applying your standards, Mikeb.

  2. I think part of the problem is that somewhere along the line, professional sports seemed to make a slide (downhill I think) from their players being role models and sportsmanship, to an entertainment venue where being a dick on the field is expected and the players get a rock star attitude.
    The ultimate responsibility for this is the team leadership, which tolerates and possibly encourages it. You don't often hear about a player being suspended for these issues unless they are caught, be it by police or the referees.
    Perhaps it happens and since its handled internally, we never hear about it, but having a coach or team leadership call out and punish a player because he isn't representing the team properly would be refreshing to see. This of course would require these above mentioned people would need to grow some balls.