Saturday, October 5, 2013

Home-Based FFL Dealers

Home Based FFL by the Numbers


Why would anyone want a FFL?  If you asked every FFL holder why they applied, we suspect the answer would be to buy firearms at wholesale prices.  ATF won’t approve 100% personal usage, so you will need to be willing to help others with transfers and maybe help a few friends get some great deals!

Normally the gun hobby turns into applying for an FFL and then as time evolves you can expand and grow as you see fit or let expire after three years when time to renew!


  1. Stupid rules require increasing cleverness to circumvent.

  2. "We were shocked to find that 64% of the FFL holders are home based. California was at 49%, New Jersey at 51% and even Massachusetts at 42%…."

    Mikeb, this is a very interesting piece. Thanks for posting it. I can remember when these dealers were called "kitchen table" gun dealers and the ATF was trying to nudge them out of business.
    Whether the ATF has become more reasonable or not is a mystery. Back in the 80's they were confrontational enough that there was a congressional investigation and legislation passed to limit the ATF's ability to harass FFLs.
    As we've discussed in a different thread, there have also been times when they don't seem to care when an FFL accumulates a large number of violations. Part of that might be because of the large number of dealers they have to keep an eye on.