Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Michigan Gun Club Unveils Plans to Prevent Stray Bullets

Get a load of this guy. He's got all the honesty of some of our favorite commenters.  First he says, "accidents will happen."  That's one of the favorite pro-gun excuses for negligent and unsafe behavior.  Then when asked if steps should have been taken earlier to prevent the stray bullets from escaping, he says what any good pro-gun liar would: "no."

The defensive prevarication of the gun-rights fanatics is very telling. If they were really in the "right," they'd be able to play it straight.

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  1. An interesting video Mike. Why did you leave out mentioning that the reason drastic taps really weren't needed because the errant rounds were fired by irresponsible people, namely members of a police department training there that day? While I don't know what kind of "training" would result in bullets landing so far away from the range, it sounds like someone wasn't thinking. Perhaps they were trying out for a job with the NYPD.

    "The range was shut down Sept. 29, 2011, after residents from the Cutter Park neighborhood complained about bullets landing in and near their homes. An investigation by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department revealed that more than a dozen homes had bullets land in roofs and siding.
    Officers from the Grand Valley State University’s Department of Public Safety were training on the range at the time. A contractor was injured when one of those bullets landed in his arm while he worked in the driveway of a home."

    1. Because Mikeb believes in collective responsibility. Any gun owner from the beginning of firearms to this present moment is at fault.

    2. Lying fuck head hillbillies like you that promote death and law breaking ARE at fault. Now go kill a child, your favorite thing to defend.