Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Collateral" Alleyway Gunfight Breakdown

"In my opinion, probably the single best hand-gun gun fight scene in movie history."

I suppose that includes the final shot. It was a coup de grace, right?


  1. It's called the Mozambiique Drill, though since the character in the film who uses it is a contract killer, he likely doesn't concern himself with such niceties as only shooting till the threat has ended.

    "The Mozambique Drill is intended to ensure that the target is immediately stopped, by first placing two shots into the larger, easier-to-hit mass of the upper body, then, if the target is still active, following with a third, more precisely aimed and difficult head shot. Due to factors such as body armor, the bolstering effect of drugs, or failure to hit vital organs, the body shots may not be immediately effective, necessitating the third shot. To guarantee instant incapacitation by impacting the brain and central nervous system, the head shot must be delivered to the area between eyebrows and upper lip, otherwise, various bony areas of the skull could deflect the bullet."

    1. I don't know, man. It looks to me like the body shots are self defense and the head shot is murder.

    2. Well, does a contract killer concern himself with the niceties of only using lawful self defense? And of course, this is Hollywood, which means that the effects of the bullets will always be spectacular.