Saturday, June 27, 2015

Guns on Campus in Texas


  1. The Admiral is certainly entitled to his opinion as a citizen and also in light of his position as the Chancellor. I do hope however that it was the MOMs that made the unwise decision to use a photo of him in uniform in the tweet you posted since its a wee bit against rules for military members, to include those who are retired to make political statements such as that in the tweet,

    "Several sets of rules help to protect the integrity of the political process, DOD officials said. DOD Directive 1344.10 applies to members of the armed forces, whether they serve on active duty, as members of the reserve components not on active duty, as National Guard members in a nonfederal status, and military retirees."

    "Military members, for example, may attend political meetings or rallies only as spectators and not in uniform. They're not permitted to make public political speeches, serve in any official capacity in partisan groups or participate in partisan political campaigns or conventions.
    They also are barred from engaging in any political activities while in uniform."

    I'm going to give the Admiral the benefit of the doubt and assume it was the MOMs that put this thing together since they tend to say and publish stuff without thinking pretty often. In fact the MOMs are still using the shooting in Charleston to push for universal background checks even though several days ago it was announced that the shooter had passed such a background check.

    "In the wake of the #CharlestonShooting, a new poll shows 90% of us support background checks on ALL gun sales:"

    While not being knowledgeable in the ways of Twitter, it seems to say that it was posted this very day.
    After looking up the regs, I've discovered that I also need to tighten up my shot group, so I've changed my profile pic to a more family oriented one.

  2. With the little girl clutching to your arm, She doesn't look to comfortable. She looks scared, like she's being forced to be there, or certainly doesn't want to be there.

  3. "She looks scared, like she's being forced to be there, or certainly doesn't want to be there."

    Actually Anon, she is sad because I told here she couldn't shoot the handgun like her sister. She just isn't quite ready yet. I also keep her next to me at all times at the range to insure she doesn't wander forward of the firing line.
    She just wants to be able to do what her older sisters do.

    1. If you were more honest in your other replies, I might even believe you.