Saturday, June 6, 2015

Should Victor Hill be excused for accidental shooting?

At Issue: Should Victor Hill be excused for accidental shooting? photo

Local news

Charged with one misdemeanor count of reckless conduct for the May 3 shooting of a woman who calls him a friend, Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill is soon on his way to Israel as a prison construction consultant.

Gwenevere McCord was in critical condition for a time, but recovered enough recently to tell authorities that the shooting was an accident.

The incident happened in Gwinnett County and authorities there allowed Hill to leave the scene of the shooting without being questioned. A few days later he said in a prepared statement that he was practicing safety tactics with McCord.

Although he’s in law enforcement, this isn’t Hill’s first time facing criminal charges.

Hill was elected sheriff for a second time in 2012 and started his term in January 2013 despite being under indictment and having his peace officer’s certification suspended. He faced a 37-count felony indictment that accused him of running the sheriff’s office like a criminal enterprise during his previous term from 2004-2008.

In August 2013, a jury acquitted Hill on 25 counts of corruption.

What do you think? The Gwinnett County District Attorney’s office will decide in the next week or so what, if any, additional charges should be brought against Hill. Should the Clayton County sheriff do time? Or should this unpleasantness be put behind him?


  1. Well Mike, in this country, people who are acquitted in a court of law are completely free to be elected to office. Surely if he had been convicted of anything, he wouldn't be able to be a sheriff because he would lose his law enforcement certification.
    I'm not sure where the police brutality comes from since the victim of the negligent discharge said it wasn't intentional.

  2. And a Democratic Sheriff at that.....

    "He lost the August 2008 Democratic primary runoff to Kem Kimbrough, whom Hill then defeated in last year’s Democratic primary runoff."