Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Armor of Light - Official Trailer


  1. "The Armor of Light is a condescending propaganda piece whose targets are low-hanging fruit. For example, the film simply offers footage of Sarah Palin speaking at an NRA rally interspersed with cuts to overweight, white supporters without offering insightful commentary on why Palin's rhetoric prevents meaningful legislation."

    "Were The Armor of Light released in 1993, it would at least be topical by introducing these commonplace and wholly fallible parapets supporting gun ownership to a wider audience. In 2015, it's simply resurrecting the corpses of long-dead claims. Of course, one could rebut that since the second amendment remains on the books, the documentary possesses the same relevance it would have 20 years ago: to further bring those resistant to reason or logic away from their dogmatic principles. Such a premise might have purchase if the film devised its own pursuits deeper than waging a series of tiresome shouting matches against those opposing gun legislation. Disney never explores the geographical or historical overlap between gun ownership and evangelical belief. As such, the doc plays like a 10-minute CNN package painfully expanded to nine times that length."

    Not really a documentary fan, but not seeing this as one to leave a good impression.

  2. It amuses me to no end that they're trying to lure NRA members in to see their little hatemongering propaganda piece with free tickets:

    NRA members:

    E-mail to register. Present your membership card to THE ARMOR OF LIGHT greeters outside your participating theater to receive a free pass for you and a guest. A limited number of free passes will be given out in front of the theater 1/2 hour prior to the screening time on a first come, first served basis. All participants must obey local firearms regulations and theater policies. This offer is valid for showings from 12pm-8pm, 10/30-11/1 only.

    1. That's a novel way to boost ticket sales. I wonder if any permit holders will be carrying in the theatre.

    2. Let's just hope none of the armed good guys get popcorn thrown on them.

    3. Where's the right for a business to deny guns be bought into their establishments?

    4. "Where's the right for a business to deny guns be bought into their establishments?"

      Private property rights have always been important to me Anon. Businesses have always had the right to ban carry on their property. In Minnesota, there is even a specified format of sign defined in the law to make that work. Very few theatres in Minnesota ban lawful carry.
      In fact, there's even an app out there that lists businesses that choose to ban carry so that permit holders can both not violate the wishes of the business, and not support such policies with their hard earned dollars.
      The app allows people to add businesses to the database which is then updated to all users of the app. I have added several such locations to the database as I've come upon them.

  3. No one is safe from the Nanny Statists, as they want to ban body armor as well. I assume that includes armor made of light.