Monday, November 16, 2015

Interesting Post About Women for Women

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OK. I was just informed that my sister wants her first handgun and that she intends it for concealed carry. (She already took the class and got the permit.) Apparently she has the plan that she can just keep it in her purse, an idea that sends me right over the edge, as an effective self-defense handgun has to be kept absolutely secure and instantly accessible, and a purse, in my mind, is neither. I may be swayed regarding some of these new "concealed carry purses" but haven't made up my mind yet.
She also doesn't know what she wants yet, and I'm too far away from her to take her shopping at a few gun stores to get a feel for what fits her best.

So this being the case, I'm putting out a call to every red-blooded American woman who carries a firearm for personal protection. Please reply via post and tell us what you carry and how you carry it. I know what works for me--big gun with big bullets in a leather OWB holster--but her needs and shape are different.


  1. Well, she has taken a good first step by getting some training. I'll add the caveat though that a carry permit class isn't necessarily a basic shooting course. The main component of a permit course is to teach the laws pertaining to your responsibilities when carrying and the deadly force law.
    I doubt the sister needs a lot of advice as to what to carry. She likely already got some advice from the permit instructor. The local gun shop/range I frequent not only hold basic pistol and permit classes for women only, but also have a nice selection of rental and demo guns to help customers make a good decision. There are also knowledgable women on the staff available to answer question.
    My advice is to let her discover what's best for her, but be available for questions. I would advise against purse carry, but I grew up in the military and warped me in regards to not having direct control over my weapon.

  2. The gun "fad" is in full swing. Adding more people to the roles that will hurt, or kill someone when their gun goes off (unintentionally of course) in a coffee shop, or some other public place innocent people are.

    1. "The gun "fad" is in full swing."

      That's the thing about rights Anon. Once people find out they get them, they get the silly notion to actually use them. Sort of like what happened with free speech and stuff.
      And by the way, gun deaths in the areas of both homicide and accidental deaths have been going down for a good number of years now while the number on guns in civilian hands has increased.

    2. Laughable! Americans are just finding out there is a 2nd A giving them a right to a gun? Where do you pull this BS from?

  3. "Laughable! Americans are just finding out there is a 2nd A giving them a right to a gun? "

    First Anon, I want to commend you for your recognition of the Second Amendment being an individual right as opposed to those Antigun folk who think it's a collective right.
    Let's keep in mind that until Heller, it was considered just that and governments were free to enact total bans. I'm sure the decision by SCOTUS was a great public announcement to just that.
    I always encourage people to explore the shooting sports as a form of recreation and to develop skills useful if they decide to use a firearm for self defense. And just owning a firearm is a form of political expression as to support of the Second Amendment. Especially if one excercise so that right by owning a firearm that the government doesn't want you to own. Or perhaps more accurately, the current administration.