Saturday, December 26, 2015

"Guns Don't Kill People, Americans Kill People"

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So what is it about us? It’s clear that the NRA is actually half-right in their slogan, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” We just need to modify that to: “Guns don’t kill people — Americans kill people.”
It’s not the movies or the video games or the gruesome crime scene photos on CSI that drive us Americans to kill each other. It’s fear. Why would one want to own a gun in the first place? Well, fear of being robbed or assaulted or killed. Wanting to protect yourself or your family. You know, “just in case.”
But in case of what? Remember, the statistics show that the most dangerous threat to you is sitting over there on the couch right now. We have nearly 123 million homes in the US. There are only about 600 home invasions here each year that result in a gun-related death. And in nearly half of those incidents, the deceased was killed by the gun that was in the house to protect… the deceased!


  1. An article full or irony about someone who is full of hypocrisy. First, we have absolutely no idea where he pulls his statistics from.
    Then he pretty much negates his entire argument of guns aren't an effective means of defense by not only hiring someone to use a gun for him, he hires someone who apparently cant keep track of where he can legally carry.

    "And while Moore continues to pound at the idea that people shouldn’t own guns, it’s important to point out that in 2005 his bodyguard was arrested at Kennedy International Airport for not having the proper license to carry a firearm."

    1. A ten year old story is the best you could do to discredit him? His point still stands - having a gun in the home is a stupid decision, statistically.

    2. Mikeb, it was YOUR link that stated the fact that, "it is important to point out". Here's another fact, he and most of his type are big fat hypocrites. He opened his bleeding heart yap and said he would let refugees stay in his East Coast apartment, but not his multi-million dollar, prodigious estate in MI that could house scores of refugees or homeless people in his own state. He's a publicity pig, hogging the media trough, pure and simple.

      orlin sellers

    3. His bodyguard was caught ten years ago, but I bet he still surrounds himself with guns even though it's supposedly a "stupid decision statistically".

    4. "A ten year old story is the best you could do to discredit him?"

      Well Mike, I certainly cant claim to be the champion of going back in time to support my argument. Mr. Moore himself seems to have a firm hold on that title,

      "When Hamlet debuted on the stage of the Globe Theater in May of 1600, a funny thing happened — no one went home and killed their uncle. In fact, in the weeks and months afterward, there was no rash of uncle killings throughout London. The same thing had happened over two thousand years earlier — after the debut of Oedipus Rex, thousands of Greeks (as far as we can tell) did not go home and have sex with their mothers."

      I certainly haven't heard him make any announcement that he's decided to not employ a bodyguard.
      Keep in mind that a bodyguard has to meet the same requirements to possess and carry a firearm that an average citizen does. And the laws regarding the use of deadly force are also the same. So how is it ok to possess and carry a firearm if you're paid and not if you're protecting yourself.
      And of course, we could wonder if Mr. Moore has armed security at his home. What exactly would the armed security be for? Protection from home invasion perhaps? Mr. Moore suggests that the number of home invasions is too small to justify keeping a gun in the home by using the number of home invasions resulting in a gun death.
      As I said earlier,I have no idea as to the source of his numbers, but lets see what some other numbers can illustrate as to whether citizens are justified in their need for a firearm for self defense,

      "Between 2003 and 2007--

      *On average, household members became victims of violent crimes
      in about 266,560 burglaries annually. Offenders known to their
      victims accounted for 65% of these burglaries; strangers
      accounted for 28%."

      So instead of 600 per year, we should be looking at the number 266,000.

    5. A ten year old story is the best you could do to discredit him?

      So what is the statute of limitations on rank hypocrisy (now that's something you oughtta know)? I would seem that you think it's a hell of a lot more than ten years, since you call Ted Nugent a "hypocrite" for the lengths he went to in order to avoid the Vietnam draft decades ago, and now "wear[s] camo" (whatever that has to do with advocacy on his part of a warlike foreign policy--something you have so far utterly failed to demonstrate that Nugent has done)

    6. 266 thousand out of 312 million leaves a percentage so small it proves an irrational, paranoid, fear, to have to carry a gun.

    7. And you PRAY that all of a sudden your not a part of that percentage or statistic, until you are.

      You know this does happens to SOMEOONE in order to have a percentage or be a statistic. Me? I don't plan on being any part of those numbers without a chance to fight back. You go right ahead and lay down and take it, probably begging and pleading while pissing all over yourself. Be a man and fight back or die like a coward.

    8. "266 thousand out of 312 million leaves a percentage so small it proves an irrational, paranoid, fear, to have to carry a gun."

      In this case Anon, we weren't discussing carrying a gun. Moore was actually talking about keeping a gun in the home for defense against home invasions. So I limited myself to crimes committed during burglaries where the occupants were home.
      The census bureau estimates there are about 116 million households in the US. And of course, as we've discussed before, if you want to go with the total population of the US, we should also use the total violent crimes committed.
      According to the FBI, in 2014, this came to just over 1.1 million, which increases the odds of being a victim quite a bit if you're just looking at the numbers. And it certainly isn't paranoid or irrational when you look at these numbers.

    9. Anon - what is the number of gun accidents compared to the total number of guns in the country? I would bet that percentage is even lower than the percentage you think is irrational to fear. Yet the gun control group is so paranoid of this small percentage they want to remove all guns from the civilian population in some cases.

    10. 1.1 million out of 312 million, is still a percentage so low that the paranoid fear is still at work.

    11. So if 1.1 million violent crimes per year still comes out as such a low percentage as to make armed self defense paranoid and irrational, then how paranoid and irrational is wanting to ban millions of rifles due to about 250 homicides out of 312 million people?

    12. So its perfectly OK with you to have 1.1 million deaths then?

    13. "There are only about 600 home invasions here each year that result in a gun-related death."

      Of course, the person who picks the house and the day isn't you. Looks like a couple of people had a very bad day. And for both it was the same city AND the same day.

      "Two separate home invasions on the same morning in Las Vegas last week ended when the residents shot three suspects, killing two and critically wounding the third."

    14. "So its perfectly OK with you to have 1.1 million deaths then?"

      One Fly, I'm not sure if you were talking to me or Anon, however, the 1.1 million number is the number of violent crimes reported. They aren't all fatalities. I used that number because they are the type of crimes that one might be justified in using deadly force to defend against.

    15. Sarge it was me, only one, not one fly. My comment was aimed at anon as he seems to think the number of 1.1 million was perfectly acceptable and the public should be disarmed. I believe that if the entire public were armed, or wish to be armed, then we wouldnt have 1.1 million anything.

    16. Sorry bout that. Was too early in the morn for me. Anon tends to only believe numbers that agree with his side of the argument.

  2. This is why they are called gun LOONS!The facts don't match their rhetoric. The numbers prove their irrational, paranoid FEAR.