Saturday, January 17, 2009

John Amato on MSNBC

Big hat tip to Skippy. Seeing Reagan and Clinton, made me lose hope in Obama. It made me think all politicians are the same.


  1. Do not lose hope. I see Obama as a statesman rather than a politician.

  2. John Amato is great guy, crooksandliars is one of the best political blogs around.

    I sure haven't lost hope in Obama.
    He isn't even president yet. I cannot expect any politician to be what I want, but he so far is so much better thatn any alternative.

    Do you know that Amato was a very big figure as a studio and touring musician?...he plays sax.
    He was figure in the music industry for quite a while, promoting talent.
    He was forced to give up his professional music carreer because of a health issue and started blogging...

  3. Mud, Yes, statesman rather than politician. My "losing hope" was mainly a joke. The dripping insincerity of Reagan and Clinton does not manifest in Obama at all, at least as far as I can see. I'm hoping that the reason for this is not just that he's a better "politician." We'll seen begin to see.

    Micro, Thanks for that background on Amato.