Sunday, January 11, 2009

Top Twenty Country Songs of All Time

I could never claim to be a country music fan. That's why I was so surprised to be familiar with so many of these tunes, and to actually like them. I noticed the same thing a few months ago with the Sci-fi books listed as the best. In music I go for rock and roll. In books and films, I go for thrillers and suspense especially the gangster genre. Nevertheless, having been born and bred in the great melting pot during a time when communications across cultural and geographic borders exploded, other interests have made their way into my brain.

Patsy is the best, no offense to Johnny, whom I also appreciate very much. (most of the videos have become unavailable, sorry about that).


  1. I was also surprised at how many I knew. I think there were only 4 out of the entire list that I didn't instantly recognize and know some of the lyrics.

    Shows that good music crosses the lines of genre, that it will strike a chord with even those who don't like that genre.

  2. Sure, Ray Charles had a few of the greatest cross over country hits of all time.
    I love C&W and tried writing in the genre...sort of cross bred punk and western.
    I covered a few Carl Perkins songs, but then he was Rock a Billy...
    Let's All Get Dixie Fried!
    My wife is a photographer and still does her own developing and claims she does her best work when listening to Country and Western.

    On Friday Nights, here in France on the National Radio Station RTL, the disc jockey who has been around forever, Georges Lang has WRTL Country every friday night. It's pretty cool because he has interviews with American C&W Stars and the latest stuff ass well as the classics.
    The emission also features the radio call slogans and jingles from American C&W radio stations through out the night.
    Georges Lang, WRTL Country from Nashville, France!

  3. I could live with that Top 20 on my iPod. Patsy Cline was a much of a torch singer as she was a C&W performer. My only problem with Ray is the whitebread backup singers, which spoil the impact of his soulful singing.

  4. The other one I really liked is Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys.

    That Blue Grass Music is cool.