Thursday, June 11, 2009


I just started watching Deadwood. I wondered what our friends in Montana think about it. Are the present-day residents of that state offended by the depiction of their fairly recent ancestors? What must the folks of a hundred years earlier been like? So often from the pro-gun crowd we hear talk of the "Framers" and the "Founding Fathers," as if we were talking about the golden age of Pericles.

It's certainly a thought-provoking and interesting show on many levels. What do you think?


  1. I have not seen this show yet. Not sure what it has to do with the founding fathers though....

  2. Haven't seen it. Is it worth getting in to?

  3. deadwood has HANDS DOWN my favorite TV that HBO ever made.

    i was so pissed that they never made a 3rd season, but the cast was the largest on television, and the set was one of the biggest, so they just couldnt suppost another go.

    its a shame, but while it got great reviews, it never enjoyed the success of the sopranos or sex and the city.

  4. Deadwood is most worth it. The character developement over time was superb.

  5. But is it realistic? I had the impression it was a more accurate picture of what it was like than the cowboy films I grew up with.

  6. "But is it realistic?"

    Many of the characters' names are real historical people but I wouldn't consider Deadwood a documentary.

    TV and movies are for entertainment; using them as as a prop to support any claims about history would be like citing "The Onion" as a legitimate news source.