Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marlo Stanfield in Real Life

The New York Daily News reports on a shootout in Brooklyn outside Jamie Hector's wife's baby shower that left one dead and one wounded.

His HBO character might have a taste for violence but a star of the crime show "The Wire" said he had nothing to do with gunplay that erupted outside his wife's baby shower.

One man was killed and two others wounded in a gunfight outside the Brooklyn bash hosted by actor Jamie Hector - who played drug dealer Marlo Stanfield on the former hit show.

Hector said in a statement released Monday that his " heartfelt prayers and condolences" went out to the victims' families.

"I would like to make it clear that the shooting incident [Sunday] did not take place at my home, nor did it involve me, my wife, nor any of the invited guests," the actor said.

Some neighbors had a different version of the facts. They say the two targets of the shooting had just left the party.

I'm hoping Mr. Hector is telling the truth and that he knows how to separate his real life from his screen life. You remember Lillo. He wans't able to do it.

Here's Marlo stepping up to the plate.


  1. i just read about this this morning....

    really bizarre..

  2. If anyone would be visited by gumen during a family event, you'd expect it to be one of the real ex-criminals in the cast: Felicia Pearson, who played Snoop, was a drug dealer; and Melvin Williams, who plays the Deacon, was actually busted for drug-dealing back in the Eighties by Ed Burns, who was a Baltimore cop before he wrote for the show.

  3. I haven't watched any TV since 2001 so I have no idea what this show is about...

    but I do know it's just a TV show.

  4. Holy cow batman!!!

    Let's pass a law that makes stealng a car totally illegal!!!


    That'll show these punks, right?

  5. Steven, Thanks for the comment about the incredible cast of that great show. My favorite is Felicia. I think she delivered one of the best lines in the entire show, "How my hair look, Mike?"

  6. Once you get used to Felicia Pearson's speech, you get to appreciate her dry delivery. There's a great tossed-off line when Snoop and Chris are scoping out Michael's house, and then see Michael leading Bug away from their crackhead mother: "Look at that, all Huxtables and shit." Pearson's delivery makes it hilarious.

  7. Steven, Does that refer to the Bill Cosby show? I missed that one completely and just read about it on Wikipedia. What would it have meant when she said that about Michael and Bug, that they appeared like the Huxtable family depicted on the show? Something like that?

  8. You realize, of course, that she was being ironic.

  9. Yeah sure I got the irony. I didn't want to betray my New Jersey racist upbringing in describing the Bill Cosby sit-com family as atypical. One of those shows, I think he had several on TV, depicted the mom as a lawyer and him as some other kind of professional. I always got a kick out of the idea that young black kids growing up in the ghetto with no dad were watching that show and, what, relating to it?

    So the next time I see that Wire episode and hear Felicia's remark, I'll really enjoy it.

  10. "One of those shows, I think he had several on TV, depicted the mom as a lawyer and him as some other kind of professional."

    You do realize that the original pilot series was to have Mr. Huxtable be a plumber, right?

    Bill Cosby protested and said he would leave if they didn't make his character and his wife's character a high paid professional in order to show young urban black youth the possibilities outside of gang membership.