Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Police Shooting Suspects - L.A. Style

L.A Now reports on a spate of police shootings, none of which is seriously in question as to legitimacy.

Saturday night.

Authorities said the suspect pointed a .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun at the deputy after a chase that ended about 9:30 p.m. Saturday in the 1000 block of South Townsend Avenue. The deputy shot the man in the chest.

The man, who has not been identified, was taken to a hospital, according to a news release from the Sheriff's Department. He's listed in stable condition and will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer, authorities said.

Friday night (two incidents).

1. Deputies were called to the 11200 block of Berendo Avenue in unincorporated Athens at 8:45 p.m. Friday after someone reported that a man with a gun had threatened her and their child.

Deputies saw a man matching the description driving about a block west of Imperial Highway and Vermont Avenue. The man fled after officers stopped his vehicle, and officers shot him multiple times after they "saw what they believed to be a weapon in the suspect's hand," authorities said. A weapon was found inside the man's car. He was declared dead at the scene.

2. About two hours after Player's shooting, a sheriff's deputy shot at a man near the intersection of East Florence and Compton Avenues. According to a news release from the Sheriff's Department, deputies stopped a vehicle for suspected traffic violations about 10:40 p.m. Friday and detained three occupants "when a fourth occupant, the front passenger, produced a small-caliber handgun."

A deputy shot once at the man and missed him. The man, identified as 23-year-old Maynor Guerra, ran away and tossed the gun before he was arrested, authorities said.

Last Sunday.

16-year-old Avery Cody Jr. was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy who had stopped and questioned him in Compton. Authorities said Cody had a loaded handgun when he was shot, but an attorney for Cody's family said the teen did not brandish a weapon and posed "no threat" to deputies or anyone else.

What's that sound like to you? I realize Los Angeles is a big city, but such a series of police shootings makes it sound like an incredibly violent and dangerous place. And, I don't think L.A. is the worst, is it?

Where do you suppose all those guns are coming from? If California has strict gun control laws, why are there so many weapons in the hands of people who shouldn't have them? I know this question has been put to me pertaining to the Mexican guns traced back to California, but I just don't have an answer. Do you think the crime guns in these four incidents originated in California? How exactly would they move from a legitimate sale which required a background check into the criminal world? Or do you think the young thugs and gang members go over to Nevada and Arizona to pick up their guns?

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. Simple. 90% of all illegal guns in California come from Mexico.

    A blogger said it. It must be true.

  2. MikeB,

    Maybe the guns are stolen --- a crime.

    Maybe the guns are purchased legally in California, then sold to a felon - crime.

    Maybe the guns are purchased by a straw buyer -- a crime.

    Maybe the guns are traded for drugs -- a crime.

    Maybe, just maybe you will explain how any of your proposed ideas will stop or reduce those crimes?

    Maybe, just maybe you will explain how the reduction in gun availability can be accomplished without restricting the rights of the law abiding?

  3. Bob,

    Your forgetting, mikeb can only think of two reasons - the guns were stolen or a good guy went bad. Quit trying to muck up the works by adding more choices.

    BTW mike,
    Still have no response from you on the "Guns are bad news for women" series. I know you read at least two of the seven posts. Any further comments (other than saying I am the table master)?

  4. I lived down in L.A for a grand total of 3 months back in 1989. There wasn't a single week that went by that we didn't hear gun shots from our apartment.

    But don't worry too much, California is rated A+ by the Brady Campaign, in fact higher than any other state. Those 15 year MS-13 gang members are bound to sit up and take notice any day now and throw their guns away, stop selling drugs and get a college degree.

  5. I admit I don't have a good answer to how a state with a good Brady rating can have so much violence and be the source of Mexican guns. I need to read more about it before I comment. You know, I'd hate to take guesses and just make things up.

  6. You know, I'd hate to take guesses and just make things up.

    You may not have any facts but at least you have your sense of humor.

  7. "Good" Brady rating?

    They are the #1 Brady ranked state Mike. They are the pinnacle of gun control in the U.S. Mike.....

    How's that working out for California?

  8. "They are the #1 Brady ranked state Mike. They are the pinnacle of gun control in the U.S. Mike"

    Well they are since the Brady's stopped officially ranking Wash. DC.