Thursday, November 19, 2009

Be Prepared for Meteorites

The Associated Press reports on an incident that, although not all that common should be taken seriously because the consequences are so devastating.

LIBERAL, Kan. — A father and son have an extraterrestrial explanation for the strange rock that recently landed in their backyard in southwest Kansas. They are convinced it's a meteorite.

Chandler Harp, 10, was playing in the backyard of his Liberal home when he heard what sounded like an explosion about 15 feet from where he was standing. He looked over to see a plume of dirt and debris shoot 5 feet high.

At the bottom of a foot-deep hole, he found a 2-inch rock and showed it to his dad, Lee.

Once Lee Harp got a look at the metallic rock, he was certain it wasn't from this world. He said, "I knew he had a meteorite."

What's your opinion? Do you take any common sense precautions against being hit by a meteorite? Or do you think it's the government's job to ensure safety for its citizens from this ever-present danger?

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  1. I am convinced the government is failing (deliberately?) in its duty to protect us from meteorites.

    Therefore, every citizen should be able to purchase intercontinental ballistic missiles to shoot down an on coming meteorite.

    This is in addition to the other preparations a person should have in place.

    Minimum 3 days of food and water, flashlights, method of cooking / purifying water, first aid supplies, method of heating a structure.

    Man, looking at that list it seems to be a basic disaster preparation list (except for the ICBM).

    So if a person is prepared for a snow storm, a tornado, a riot or power outage; they are prepped for a meteor strike.

    Given that Italy has had at least 1 major earthquake recently; how prepared are you?

  2. We need the government to provide common sense meteorite control.

    Can you imagine if everyone had meteorites?

    90% of all meteorites traced come from the asteroid belt.

    We must close the meteorite loophole.

    It is not fair that planets with a solid atmosphere still get bombarded by meteorites from other planets without common sense meteorite control. It is the meteorite pipeline.

    A few small meteorites are fine but we don't need all of these assault meteors.

    We have to stem the flow of illicit meteors now and since all illicit meteors start out as legal meteors, we need to control legal meteors.

    Stop meteors--for the children.

    10% of criminal using meteors started out as legal meteor users.

    We wouldn't have this problem if it wasn't for the national meteor association.

    Meteors are bad news for women.

  3. FWM's post reminds me of an imaginary headline often seen around the net:

    GIANT METEOR ON COURSE TO DESTROY EARTH -- Poor and Minorities Hardest Hit

  4. Jeesh guys, you all sound so paranoid.

    You're afraid of something you don't understand.

    My meteor is a danger to noone.

    I even got my Concealed Carry Meteor permit and routinely walk agmonst you.

    Only draw back is that it's so freaking heavy that it pulls my pants down so I end up shuffling around like a penguin with my junk hanging out.

  5. Kaveman,

    That explains the urban fashion of sagging.

    I thought it had to do with the rap/gang culture.

    Now I know they are just CML (Concealed Meteorite License) holders.

    Amazing there isn't blood running in the streets with all those youths out there with concealed meteorites.