Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More on the Blue Flame Shooting

Last August we discussed a controversial shooting in Harlem in which a shop owner killed two fleeing robbers. Some people didn't feel it was controversial at all. They seem to think this it's the risk you run when you decide to do an armed robbery.

I received the following e-mail from someone personally acquainted with the two dead boys.

Hey my name is ___. I was well aquainted with the 3 of the 4 Robbers. Including the 2 whom were murdered. I recently learned about the acts. I've read just about every blog posting, and article. I wonder if we can continue further. Maybe take a little more action? Keep me posted please, and thanx for your time. I mean, the way things have been I can't decide weather I should even persue this. However I'm a very religious catholic and God won't let me forget if I do not. Thank you again.

I responded like this:

I'm not sure what you mean by "pursue this," but I wouldn't mind making another post on this case. Please tell me more. And let me know if what you tell me can be used on my blog. I can keep your name out of it, of course. I'm sorry for your loss, if you consider it that. My whole thing is that many of these so-called defensive shootings are nothing of the sort. Thanks and take care. M

And the latest:

Hey again. And Yes, I consider it a loss only because things could have been handled differently, and its always a sad situation with things like such. By persue this I meant emphasize the holes in the media's story. Simply because defense comes along with lethal threat, and having shot a 12 gauge shotgun 4 times toward backsides proves there was less of a threat than we've been forced to believe there was. I just want the families of the dead men to know that somewhere along the lines justice has been served. Again I want to thank you for your time and support. I think its wonderful what you've done. You were the 1st person who stood out to me bc you haven't classified Gus as a hero, but as another suspect. Be well, ___.

What's your opinion? Is New York so down on criminals that they actually made a hero out of a guy who shot two of them running away? Can such a think be justified?

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  1. "Is New York so down on criminals that they actually made a hero out of a guy who shot two of them running away?"

    New York is a geographical land mass. It is incapable of thought.

    Just as guns are inanimate objects, you routinely leave people out of the equation.

    Words matter

  2. "Is New York so down on criminals that they actually made a hero out of a guy who shot two of them running away?"

    No, because they keep putting them in public office.

  3. Really, there's not enough information in the article(s) to say WHAT actually happened. He supposedly hit all 4 of them, only two in the back. It's also ambiguous about which ones died as a result That leaves open the possibility that two were still facing him. Or perhaps the two could have been hit in the back from the same shot, while they were facing away from him beating the employee. Or they could all have been fleeing. Just not enough information to say...but running could just as easily be to get behind the door for cover to shoot back. Did they drop the gun when they fled, or were they still carrying it, and possibly shooting back at the same time? Once again, just not enough info.

    It's hard to pass judgment on information in a newspaper article which is why we have courts, trials, and investigations to try to clear up what really happened.

    And if there's any 'hero' naming (which I really am not seeing here, except by the guy who felt that the shooter had saved his life), I would guess it's for standing up to dangerous criminals rather than succumbing to their desires.

    As for re-opening this issue, if the requester ever sees this, how about getting a hold of and publicizing more detailed information than the mediocre reporting of the Daily News?

  4. First of all, the criminals were not "murdered", they were "killed". Big difference. Secondly, justice was served. Maybe other would-be criminals have learned from this and have been saved.

  5. kaveman, Yes indeed words matter if you want to avoid the discussion on a technicality. I realize New York City is a land mass and is incapable of thought. Did you fail to grasp my meaning or were you just trying to be difficult and superior?

  6. They were inside his business when shot so I believe, even in California, it would have been considered a self defense shooting.

    Around the same time as that shooting, a man in Los Angeles shot another one who was trying to run away after trying to break into his car. In this case, the shooter was arrested for murder. The biggest difference was that the criminal was NOT inside his home or business and therefore, really wasn't a threat to him personally.

  7. "Did you fail to grasp my meaning or were you just trying to be difficult and superior?"

    Hmmm...looks like the internet is getting a tad bit testy.