Thursday, July 1, 2010

Guns, Bikes, Booze, NRA 'A' - Rated GOP Politicos

Always a recipe for bad things.

Fresh off a conviction for impaired driving, former state House Speaker Craig DeRoche is back in court for an alcohol-related offense.

The Detroit Free Press reports DeRoche, a Republican who represented parts of Metro Detroit in Michigan's 38th District for much of the past decade, was arrested early Sunday at his Novi home after a family member called police to say he was drunk and carrying a gun


  1. You want to start counting the number of felons that are members of Mayors Against Guns?

    I assure you that it is far more than the number of former NRA rated candidates that ride bicycles while intoxicated.

  2. FWM: So, to recap, your argument is that because some mayors who happen to be part of MAIG get indicted or convicted of things entirely unrelated to guns or MAIG--this means MAIG is a bad organization?

    While, politicos who get wonderful ratings from the NRA and boast of their membership in the NRA and commit crimes involving guns has no reflection on the NRA?


  3. Drunk Democrats seem to fare better when they commit crimes.

    At least some do.

    This guy is a shining beacon of honor to the Brady Campaign.