Friday, August 12, 2011

Cop Who Shot Fleeing Suspect Exonerated

The Hartford Courant reports on how they do it.

A former Hartford police officer who was arrested in 2003 after shooting a fleeing suspect, and subsequently fired before being exonerated by a jury, has settled two lawsuits with the city and expects to be back on the job by next spring.

Robert Murtha, 41, accepted the city's offer Tuesday to settle his lawsuits in return for reinstatement with the department and more than $500,000 to cover legal bills, lost pay and benefits. The city stood to lose more than $1 million had it lost its pending appeals in the civil suit and arbitration rulings. The arbitration ruling included an order to reinstate him as a police officer.
Sometimes they claim the guy who was running away turned and pointed a gun over his shoulder. Often that explanation is all it takes for a quick turnaround for the trigger-happy officer. This case took a while.

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  1. I thought you were all for law and order and hated vigilante justice.

    The man charged stood before a jury of his peers and was exonerated. Isn't that what you want?

  2. No, I want trigger-happy cops to be brought to justice. I'm questioning if that's what happened here.

  3. Fleeing does not necessarily mean no threat.

    1. Sure, I know, they do the shooting over their shoulder as they run for their lives.

      Or, maybe they need to be shot in the back just in case they decide to stop and turn around to shoot it out.