Saturday, June 30, 2012

WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR FAST & FURIOUS? Turns out it was lax gun laws promoted by the NRA!

The right wing engages in the most ridiculous of conspiracy theories.

The latest one has blown up in the face of the right wing like a whole keg of gun powder exploding.

Could this folly promoted by the NRA result in the gun zombies being laughed into extinction as an organization?  If it doesn't - it should.

This is another example of  the classic non-facts idiocy that gun nuts swallow because of their utter and total lack of any ability whatsoever at critical thinking exacerbated by their total lack of knowledge of facts and a complete and devestating inability to discern and discover FACTS.

I coined a new term for the gun lunatic, gun zombie (mindless repetition of "must have guns") lexicon.  It is  more than a fract, defined as a minor singular deviation from objective and verifiable reality; it is a full-blown 'Fuct', a false piece of progandized information that is so massively stupid and inaccurate, on which the gun nuts rely that it is larger than a mere fract, and more foundational -- and more stupid on the part of the gun nutz.

This is one of the latter,  a full-blown, neon-flashing, siren blaring 'fuct'.

Turns out Fast and Furious is NOT even remotely as the right wingers and especially the NRA have portrayed it, and as is far more logical, it turns out that the responsibility for the  2000 firearms that ended up in Mexico, and the dead federal agent lies squarely on the doorstep of the pro-gunners and the NRA.

Given this took place in ultra-conservative pro-gun to a disastrous fault Arizona, it is a reasonable speculation that the majority of these prosecutors who would NOT ALLOW the ATF to arrest straw purchasers were CONSERVATIVES, TEA PARTIERS and REPUBLICANS!!!!

Your consciences, individually and collectively must by now be smoking, shrivelled and blackened beyone recognition.

Here are the details of OBJECTIVE REALITY, not the gun lunatic NRA promoted fantasy conspiracy for the ignorant gun lunatics, from a well regarded and prestigious investigative reporter for a nationally respected journal.

Prepare to hang your heads in SHAME for all the times you tried to represent this differently. Your skin should be brick red flushed with shame from your scalp down to the soles of your feet for EVER having believed the NRA about this (or anything else).  More than shame for yourselves, if you have ANY INTEGRITY WHATSOEVER you should be repudiating Rep. Issa as a dishonest reincarnation of the despicable witch-hunting cold war era Sen. Joe McCarthy. 

I tried unsuccessfully to cut the clip to the proper length; the Fast and Furious interview begins at aprox. 4:00 in.



    So the NRA controls the ATF and the Justice Department now! Awesome!

    1. NO.

      It turns out the ATF and the DoJ were doing THEIR jobs just fine all along. There were NOT the screw ups in the handling of Fast and Furious that you guys were claiming.

      What the NRA controls, far too much, directly, and of course indirectly through ALEC, are the legislators who created the too-lax laws to permit arrests for straw purchases.

      That is what results in thousands upon thousands of guns going over the border -- and killing people in Mexico, and killing the agent HERE.

      And the other thing that the NRA does is indoctrinate people like you who like to misrepresent the facts -- as you just did again FWM by positing that what I wrote or what the investigative reporter uncovered says the NRA controls the DoJ and ATF.

      NO, the NRA doesn't control them. But why do YOU support an organization that promotes such weak laws that straw purchasers cannot be arrested?

      Why is that Fat White Man? Why do you support those same lax gun laws that result in straw purchases?

      It isn't funny. It is deadly.

      Again - how dumb, how delusional ARE YOU?

  2. What's truly sad is this: Fat White Man, as delusional as he is on the subject of gunz is one of the LESS insane members of the the NRA's brainwashed cadre.