Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shooter of Little Girl in Skunk Costume Gets a Slap on the Wrist

A Beaver County judge dismissed the most serious charge against a man who shot a costumed child, whom police said he mistook for a skunk. 

Common Pleas Judge John Dohanich ruled this week that prosecutors can't proceed with a charge of aggravated assault against Thomas Grant, according to Grant's lawyer, Steven Valsamidis. 

“That charge would have required a showing of malice. Mr. Grant now faces two misdemeanor charges — simple assault and reckless endangerment,” Valsamidis said. 

Dohanich ruled on Monday. 

Grant, 24, of Jackson Center, Mercer County, is accused of shooting an 8-year-old girl whom he apparently mistook for a skunk during a weekend Halloween bonfire at the New Sewickley home of his mother on Oct. 20.
Did I call it or what? "What do you predict, guilty to a lesser charge and keep the guns? That's my bet."

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  1. I remember reading the original post on this topic and I pondered the question "should an intelligence test or some reasonable accurate metric of cognitive ability (if such a thing existed- I don't believe in the accuracy of IQ tests) be required as a perquisite for gun ownership?" Is it unreasonable to suggest that applicants for a firearms licence* be required to take a Eleven Plus exam?

    While the family may take consolation in the fact that a lawsuit would likely be successful, the idiot in question may very well remain an armed danger to society.

    * To clarify the diction of the term "firearms licence" I mean a FOID, FID, FFL, Pistol Permit, Pistol Licence, Regulated Weapons Permit, Handgun Licence, CWP, CCP, CHL or any other legal document which authorizes the possession, sale, transfer, carry, transportation, purchase, or manufacture of firearms (note the diversity of alphabet soup)

    1. When the same test is applied to voters--but we mustn't limit that fundamental right, eh?

      By the way, why would American gun owners be required to take a test from the British school system?

    2. The one who refers to itself as "Ian" writes, or more precisely spouts:

      "if such a thing existed- I don't believe in the accuracy of IQ tests"

      It doesn't believe in IQ tests? It scores that low? "Ian" scores scores that low on the tests administered by his trainers (presumably at the Gibbon exhibit, as such supreme idiocy does not demonstrate the cognitive ability of a Great Ape)? Such is the only conceivable reason why one would advocate such a simian notion as "gun rights". It is no better than his fellow gibbons whom we call "Greg".


      What have I told you about those silly "ideas" that you call gun "rights"? How can such a nonexistent concept be the subject of legally recognizable infringement?

    3. E.N., you seem to think that I care what you've told me. You've babbled a great deal. None of it has been meaningful.

      On the other subject, though, are you aware that Harvard paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould questioned the accuracy of I.Q. tests? Are you calling him someone of low intelligence as well?

  2. Mikeb, if you'd try some basic research, you'd look smarter. In Pennsylvania, it's illegal for anyone convicted of a crime of violence to own a firearm.

    Your unwillingness to look at simple facts is one reason that you'll never succeed in your goals.

    1. Simple assault is not typically considered a "Crime of Violence".

  3. If I was him, I'd move immediately. Shit who shoot children get stuff coming down on them. And that would be entirely appropriate. When the law fails, bad stuff can start to happen.

    1. So you're against violence unless the individual doesn't believe as you do, then it's alright for "stuff" to happen to them?...Nice,advocating violence against someone because of a stupid mistake, but what else can you expect from a liberal jackass like yourself.

      Mike B... Here's part of the LTCF law in Pennsylvania;

      The process for obtaining an LTCF in Pennsylvania is excellent due to the fact that the process is very thorough in making sure that permits are not granted to people that may be irresponsible or pose a danger to others (minors, convicted felons, domestic abusers, etc.) while making it very simple for trustworthy, law-abiding people to obtain one quickly and cheaply.

      Remember, Google is your friend. ;)


      FUCK YOU, TURD. For you, I pray the prayer of St Gunsel: May the next simple mistake of some gunsuck come down on you and yours.

    3. Geez, gun control freaks are so violent and full of rage.

    4. I would call you a moron who doesn't have an original thought in your head, but that would be an insult to morons the world over.

      85,000,000 lawful gun owners did not use their guns to murder someone today.

      That man made a dumb mistake and he will have to live with it the rest of his life. People like you who lie and vilify legal gun owners, make heroes of people like cop killer, Christopher Dorner, a screaming, irrational anti-gun nut just like you.

    5. Mike, how can you continue to publish nickxdanger's "comments"...Every comment I've seen from him has either been a personal attack or an attack on gunowners in general..And you worry about gunowners going nuts? hell, I'm worried about the people around this guy...

  4. Dorner was not a anti-gun wack. He was a gunsuck, and a very accomplished firearms user. You own Dorner and his cop killing. Most of you NRA hate LEOs and want to kill them. Dorner is your boy.

    And as for my anger, FUCK yes I'm angry that our society is run by sexual deviants with high-powered weapons. If you are not angry, you are another heavily armed pervert.

    1. You obviously didn't read Dorner's manifesto. He was an anti-gun nut just like you. Piers Morgan and Obama were his heroes.

      I don't know why you post add nothing to the conversation, but are great at throwing insults around. One would think you have sneaked into your Mother's office and are sneaking time on her computer. You write like a third grader who doesn't have the simplest reading comprehension skills.