Monday, September 30, 2013

David Barton: Second Amendment Guarantees Right To Own Tanks And Fighter Jets

Addicting Info

During his Thursday show, Barton claimed that the Second Amendment doesn’t just give Americans the right to buy and use guns. No, Barton says it also gives any American the unfettered right to get their hands on advanced military weapons of war such as tanks, F-16 fighter jets, rocket launchers and anything else in the arsenal of the United States military:

The belief of the Second Amendment was you as a citizen have a right to defend yourself whether it be against a thug, an aggressor, a crook, or against your government.
Now this is where a lot of liberals go through the roof; are you saying that you think individual citizens have a right to own a machine gun?
Yeah. And an Abrams Tank, and a bazooka, and a F-16 because you’ve got a right to defend yourself with the same size of weapons that might be brought against you … You have a right to fight back with whatever you can get your hands on to defend your life, your property, your possession, your family, your whatever.”
Well, there goes another one of the pro-gun arguments that has been offered around here. Or, perhaps this means our commenters are not as fanatical as I thought.


  1. Mikeb, why do you take what one person says and insist that it must invalidate an unspecified argument? We've discussed the notion presented here many times. You know the positions offered by my side here. Stop lying.

    1. This is yet another area where Mike would not be well served by having to live up to the standards he applies to us. There are many people on his side who want to ban all weapons, so there goes the claim that they only want "common sense" restrictions but want us to keep owning guns.

    2. That's nonsense. The extremists on my side are not representative of the gun control movement and you know it.

      By the same token, the extremists on your side do not represent gun owners in general.

    3. Ah, nice attempt at framing the discussion, but you don't say that Barton represents all gun owner, just all gun rights people, which is consistent with holding you responsible for everything your crew says.

      Try again, Mikey.

    4. Mikeb, I've yet to see a gun control freak who wasn't an extremist. Yes, there are some politicians who out of frustration with your whining are willing to compromise, but you advocates are all of one kind.

    5. Gun control freaks are pro life. Gun loons are pro death.

    6. AnonymousOctober 1, 2013 at 7:14 PM

      "Gun control freaks are pro life. Gun loons are pro death. "

      I just blew coffee all over my keyboard when I read this! That has to be the funniest thing I have ever heard! LOLs! Thanks for the laughs, ANON.

      Wow, just wow.

    7. T., actually I didn't say Barton is representative of all gun owners or even the gun rights fanatics like you. I put him in a class above.

      "Or, perhaps this means our commenters are not as fanatical as I thought."

    8. That was an alternative to him being lumped in with us and thus dispelling one of our arguments. Don't cut off half of your statement to defend yourself when the whole thing damns you.

    9. You the same gun loon who laughs off the death of children from accidental gun shots. Keep laughing Mr. Death.

    10. Pitiful Anonymous keeps trollin, lying about me as usual.

      I'd suggest you were 13 due to your spectacular vocabulary that resembles that of 13 year olds on WOW, but I think I would be wrong and underestimating the sad, pitiful truth of your existence.

    11. Go kill some kid, you'll feel better