Friday, September 13, 2013

From the "Armed Civilians Make great Targets Department"

And the open carry bunch want to complain about being sussed by the cops: we have this story:
Edmonds Chief of Police Al Compaan says at around 7:30 a.m. Saturday, police received multiple 911 calls about a man walking the streets with a rifle.
Two Edmonds police officers approached the man and ordered him to put down his rifle. When the man did not comply with the officers orders the officers shot the man.
Police are still investigating what happened after officers ordered the man to drop his weapon, but witnesses say they heard what sounded like rifle shots before the officers shot the man.

Yep, only "law abiding, good guys" open carry.

I bet you would have told Jared Loughner how proud you were of him open carrying that day.


  1. "Police spokesman Aaron Snell, who is with the Everett police, said the Edmonds man had been walking in an area near Edmonds Elementary brandishing a rifle."

    Brandishing is a pretty vague term but as a rule refers to something a bit more than carrying peacefully. We don't really know yet what was happening such as what he or the police said, or even exactly how he was carrying. For example, slung on the shoulder as open carriers normally do, or in both hands at low ready as its called.
    And of course, law abiding people who open carry will obey orders from a police officer.

  2. I think I'll wait for actual, you know, facts. So far, there isn't enough information for anyone to make a judgement on this.

    Well, anyone who actually cares about facts and truth, anyway.

  3. How do you carry an assault rifle peacefully?

    Are you gun nuts born this fucking dumb?

    1. Anon,
      At the link below there is a TV news report of the incident. At about the 1:28 mark, they show the crime scene guys holding a rifle. Not what you would call an assault rifle. Another thing noticeable is that there doesn't seem to be a sling, which would mean he was carrying it in his hands.
      There is also a witness saying he heard what he thought was a rifle shot before other shots, which would suggest self defense on the part of the police.

  4. BTW please remove the photos tagged of you on Facebook, those fucking idiots will do anything to spread their message...

    1. ???? I receive notification of any photo which would actually of mee that was tagged.

      I can say that there are five photos which have been tagged as me, which are not me that I know of.

      Other than that, I know of no pictures of myself that have been tagged.

  5. He was either a good guy who turned bad or he was a hidden criminal. As someone mentioned lawful gun owners don't disobey the police when they say put the gun down.