Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lawful Alabama Gun Owner Shoots his Wife and Child with One Round - No Charges It Was Just an Accident

An accidental shooting late Saturday night resulted in a 25-year-old Jemison female and her 3-year-old child being hospitalized in Birmingham from a single gunshot wound.

Once on the scene, [Chilton County Sheriff Kevin] Davis said officers from the Jemison Police Department along with deputies from the sheriff’s department and an off-duty police officer who lives in the neighborhood found the female and her 3-year-old child suffering from a single gunshot wound after the male, 27, accidentally shot them while cleaning his gun in the family living room.

Davis said after two investigators from the Criminal Investigation Unit with the sheriff’s department responded to the scene, they determined that Charles Martin accidentally shot Debra Martin and their child.

“He [Charles] told authorities that he had just completed cleaning his handgun, was in the process of reloading it and had an accidental discharge of the gun,” Davis said. “A single bullet struck the wife, exited the wife and struck the child. One shot was fired and that one shot struck both the wife and the child.”

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  1. "Although the case is still pending, Davis said no arrests were made due to investigators determining that Charles Martin shot the two by accident."

    Again, still being investigated. Evidence likely being sent to prosecutor.