Saturday, September 21, 2013

"We can't have law enforcement second guessing who should be able to carry a gun..."

Funny, especially in the light of all the stories about people who go around with CCW permits who probably should never have been issued with them in the first place...

Case in point:
Robert Taylor, one of two men who died Wednesday in a shootout after a driving altercation, had his concealed pistol license revoked for three years because of a drunken driving conviction.
Ionia County Prosecutor Ron Schafer today confirmed that Taylor lost his license in November 2006 after a drunken-driving conviction. He registered 0.18 on a portable breathalyzer.
But he obtained a new license in November 2010 after four years.
And we know what happened here...

Brilliant idea--don't let the cops deny permits to people who really shouldn't have them in the first place.


  1. Indeed, why don't we turn over all civil rights to law enforcement. We'll resurrect Bull Conner to supervise the program.


    1. Bull Conner, NRA Greg's idol.

    2. I even indicated that this was sarcasm, but I'm not surprised that you're too stupid to notice.

    3. You used the example of a KKK leader. Sarcasm comes from one person's viewpoint. You just enlightened us as to your viewpoint.

    4. Jim, stop being stupid. I can't believe that you're really that dense. Laci expressed a desire to see the police control a basic right. I pointed out that law enforcement isn't always the best group to hand over rights to.

    5. It was satire the other post and you claimed I was out of line. Now it's sarcasm and you are out of line. Yet, I'm wrong both times HA HA HA HA HA HA. Hypocrisy is just your first name isn't it?

    6. Oh yeah, Mike, this guy is TOTALLY for real and a great representative for your side.

  2. You're talking about driving permits too, right?