Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Texas High School Football Player Dead - It Was Just an Accident


  1. "The fatal shooting of a Guyer High School football player Saturday night appears to be accidental, but an investigation is continuing, Montague County Sheriff’s officials said Tuesday."

    "District Attorney Paige Williams said that in cases such as this, her office looks at filing either deadly conduct or criminal negligent homicide charges."

    “It’s going to all be up to the grand jury that meets once a month,” she said."

    It seems to me that this is being handled efficiently by the local authorities.

  2. Did you even watch the video? It sounds like a suicide, although so few details were released that it's impossible to know anything for a certainty. Someone was arrested--again, no details as to whom or about what--and the investigation continues.

    1. Talk about jumping to wrong conclusions. You'd do anything to not blame a gun owner for negligence, even making up shit about suicide.