Friday, July 25, 2014

Castle Doctrine Gone Wild - California 80-year-old Satisfied after Killing Fleeing Pregnant Home Intruder


Raw Story

An 80-year-old Long Beach man could be facing charges after admitting he shot a home intruder twice in the back, killing her, as she ran away and despite the fact that she told him she was pregnant.
Tom Greer returned to his home Tuesday to find it being ransacked by a man and a woman.
“I walked in on them,” Greer told KNBC. “And they jumped on me in the hallway.”
Greer said that he was tackled and thrown to the ground but managed to get his .22-caliber revolver and confronted them as they ransacked a safe containing cash.
Seeing the gun, the couple ran out of the house and started down an alley.
“The lady, she couldn’t run as fast as the man, so I shot her in the back twice,” Greer explained. “She’s dead, but he got away.”
“She says, ‘Don’t shoot me, I’m pregnant! I’m going to have a baby!’ And I shot her anyway,” Greer said.


  1. Why should he have given a shit about baby momma to be, she sure as shit didn't care when she had the upper hand and was beatin the crap out of gramps......

    Just think of it as proactive birth control, she didn't have to pay for it no uneeded baby....

    1. You're a great representative of the polite and reasonable gun owners we keep hearing about.

  2. This one is getting strange. First off, surprise surprise, the woman isn't pregnant, she lied. And it also appears that the male assailant brought his mom along on the job. The male assailant has already been charged with his partner's murder. The investigation into potential charges for the homeowner is still ongoing.

    "An autopsy Friday found that a burglary suspect who was killed by an 80-year-old California homeowner was not pregnant, despite claiming to be before the fatal shots were fired."

    " Miller's alleged accomplice, Gus Adams, is facing murder, burglary, robbery and weapons charges. He was being held on bail of more than $1 million."

    "Police said Friday that Adams' mother, Ruby Adams, also was involved and was arrested Thursday night on suspicion of robbery. Authorities gave no details on her alleged role or the evidence against her. "

    "The problem here is that all this happens very fast and his legal right to use force probably ended just a few seconds before he did use deadly force," Rosenthal said. "So the question is should you charge somebody on the basis of what really was a series of split-second decisions when he's just been robbed and physically assaulted?"

    1. Yes.
      Because that's the way the law is written. We know you like to reject such things, but most of society doesn't ignore the law.

    2. When a gun owner shoots a fleeing burglar it's hardly a split-second decision. That's a blatant spinning of the facts in order to excuse the actions of the shooter.

      What he did was very understandable. He was so angry and outraged at those two scumbags who attacked him that he wanted to kill them. This is not about self-defense and it's certainly not a split-second mistake. It's manslaughter in the very least.

    3. "He was so angry and outraged at those two scumbags who attacked him that he wanted to kill them."

      They thumped him hard enough that it broke bones. We shall have to wait and see what they do. Obviously, we aren't getting the whole story yet.