Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tick, Tock, Glock

One of the problems with the gun violence debate is that it tries to be scientific in how it presents the issue.  That works well if you just want to go by numbers.  But numbers don't always get the point across.

The "pro-gun" side has used emotion (fear) to get its point across for ages.

The blog "Thoughts at Large" came up with a really great post, Tick, Tock, Gloc, which poins out how the numbers play out:
According to the Brady Campaign, on average, for the five most recently available years for which statistics are available, every day in America there are:
291 people in America are shot (including 52 children (ages 0-19)
87 people die from gun violence:
32 are murdered (including 6 children)
51 kill themselves (including 2 children)
2 die unintentionally
1 is killed by police intervention
1, intent unknown
205 are shot and survive:
148 shot in an assault (including 34 children)
10 survive a suicide attempt (including 1 child)
45 are shot unintentionally (including 9 children)
2 are shot in a police intervention
 If we take these numbers and divide them equally over the course of a day, this is an average day in America.
The rest of the blog does a good job of how this plays out in reality.

Now repeat this, every day, until enough of us demand a better society.


  1. Good post.

    Gunloons are fond of claiming swimming pools are more deadly /dangerous than guns. But the numbers don't support it. Each day, there are about 10 drowning deaths a day in the US. This number includes drownings in swimming pools, lakes, rivers, bays and the ocean.

    Another distinction is that drowning is inherently binary; that is, you either drown or you don't. IOW, you either die or you don't. But with gun violence, you can be shot and killed or you can be shot and wounded.

  2. Typical gun loon tactic to use numbers to quantify death. There numbers are wrong and their morality is sick.

  3. And before the usual anonymous mouthbreathers get all huffy about children being classified as 0-19 years of age---this isn't some conspiracy to oppress gunloons.

    It's a matter of law. In most states and at the federal level, 0-18 are considered children. In a few states the cutoff age is 16 or 17. Wyoming (!) --it's 0-19.

    So, while I realize gunloons believe the 0-19 category is some evvvvilll trickeration by gungrabbers, it's actually a matter of law.

    1. Thanks for clarifying that.

    2. Strange, I've been noticing a distinct downward trend in the age at which people gain adult privileges and responsibilities. But with a few exceptions, once you hit 18, you're in the big leagues.
      The age seems to be especially creeping lower and lower in the criminal justice world. There seems to be a perception that being tried as a juvenile means that somehow the miscreant id getting away with something, which raises doubts about peoples' acceptance of the concept of the rehabilitative goals of this track.
      The age of being able to have self determination in regards to medical decisions also seems to be moving downwards. In fact, a while back, one of Minnesota's elected officials introduced such a bill,

      "Sixteen is much more reasonable... If we trust them to drive at age 16, why wouldn't we trust them to vote? An irresponsible driver can do much more harm than an irresponsible voter."

      I think the CDC should consider bringing its data collection more in line with real life. Though they do have a new database which enables you to analyze data with more correct ages.

    3. Strange, I've been noticing you prefer anecdotes to scientific studies.

      The problem here is that gunloons are trying to finesse the fact most states consider 18 y.os as children. It's not the CDC's fault this is the case--it is what it is. Again, the the CDC isn't dictating age categories to pursue an agenda--they are going by existing law .

      Your point re driving..are you kidding? I guess you've never had to insure a 16 yo driver. Insurance companies (who know a bit about risk) understand kids represent a greater liability.

    4. Did that bill pass SS?

    5. Please point to where one can find the data in this post broken down by state and age...not age range

  4. How does your average minority child standing on an innercity street-corner dealing drugs at 2:00am figure in to the 0-19 crowd.

    In Illinois they account for ~70 of the crime in the entire state.

    You stupid libs get out and solve that problem first, get the state educated morlocks to start sniching on their thug peers.... Then we might talk.....

    1. Why would that make sense? Your suggestion is a transparent and desperate attempt to look at anything but gun availability.

      The fact is there are any number of initiatives in play already to address the various factors that contribute to inner city violence. Shouldn't we strive to stem the flow of guns too?

  5. It makes sense to gather up all you liberal nitwits and herd you to where the real problem is, minority innercity youth.
    Let us turn you into modern day zealots, knocking door to door with your anti-gun crusade where it would do some real good.

    Go to where the heathens are, south and west side Chicago. Confiscate thoes weapons of mass destruction. Door to door no knock searches.....

    Otherwise you are just pure and simple cowards......