Monday, July 28, 2014

Your NRA: Meet William DeHayes

Yup, the total package: no shirt, cig plugged into piehole, displaying his manhood.  Surely he is the stud of his trailerpark.

NRA member Willy DeHayes is very proud of his manhood.  So much so, he likes to show them off to people.  Sometimes this isn't a good idea:

Brooksville, Florida -- A 25-year-old pregnant woman is dead after she was shot in the head last night in Brooksville.
According to the Brooksville Sheriff's Office, Katherine Lynn Hoover died early this morning.
She was five months pregnant.
Physicians at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point removed baby boy Hoover last night after Katherine was airlifted to the hospital with life threatening injuries. Baby boy Hoover was pronounced dead at 8:35 p.m.
Sheriff's investigators Katherine Hoover's injuries occurred after her friend, William DeHayes, showed her his .22 caliber revolver and it went off, the bullet striking Hoover in the head.
Hey, but it's all ok--Willy feels bad about everything:

"We feel terrible about the whole thing," Don DeHayes, William's father, told 10 News. "For the other family, for my son and his family, we just feel bad. We can't change it."

Don DeHayes sounds like a real putz.

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