Friday, May 22, 2015

More on the Idaho 5-Year-old Shooting Death - Charges Dismissed - No One Responsible

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Charges have been dismissed against a Chubbuck couple charged with misdemeanor injury to a child in the accidental shooting death of a 5-year-old girl last year.
Rusty and Ashlee Lish were charged for the accidental shooting death of Noell Aston Shawver, of Blackfoot, by another 5-year-old in their home.

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  1. The dismissal appears to be a plea deal. I believe that most County Attorneys are elected positions and can be voted out of office if the nonchalance is disgraceful enough,

    "Both were due in court Thursday, but in papers filed Wednesday, they were able to reach an agreement with prosecutors in which charges were conditionally dismissed.
    The terms of the deal are as follows:
    - Pay around $28,000 in restitution to the Shawver family
    - Cannot possess a firearm for at least 2 years
    - Complete a court-approved parenting course
    - Complete a certified gun safety course
    - Complete family counseling for both themselves and other family members
    - Develop a community service project to educate the community about firearm safety in the home
    - Cannot commit any misdemeanors or felonies
    Bannock County Prosecutor Steve Herzog said the charges could be brought back over the next two years should any of the terms of the deal be broken.
    Stephen Muhonen, the prosecutor who handled the case, said charges could even be upgraded to felony injury to a child.
    Muhonen said the Shawver family worked closely with prosecutors to draft the terms of the deal."