Monday, May 18, 2015

Richard Martinez Responds to Ted Cruz

Guns dot com

I wonder why Martinez didn't respond to the ridiculous "inevitable prelude to tyranny" remark.  One minute, Cruz was talking about how bad universal background checks are, and smooth as any slick politician, he slid right into total gun confiscations by the tyrannical governments.

It seems Richard Martinez was responding to a different interview with Ted Cruz, in which he used expressions like the 2A is "absolute" and it "trumps" the other amendments.  It's pretty misleading of guns-dot-com to link to the wrong interview.


  1. Even Ted Cruz doesn't believe what Ted Cruz says.

  2. never claimed that one was responding to the other Mike but rather that they were both asked the same question and the videos are their response to said question...You jumped my shit the other day for saying huffpo mislead people in an article where they left out pertinent info....You simply failed to read the article before making such an accusation...I suggest you read it again....The slime that drips off of Cruz will slide him right out of the race

    1. " never claimed that one was responding to the other Mike "

      They certainly did George by placing the link to the one in the first sentence of the text.