Friday, May 15, 2015

Ohio Man Charged in Accidental Shooting Death of Teen Cousin

Local news

An Ohio man has been charged with reckless homicide in the fatal shotgun shooting of his 15-year-old cousin.

Twenty-eight-year-old Thomas Catalde Jr., of Leavittsburg, was charged with the felony Wednesday and is being held in Trumbull County Jail.

Police say Jesse Hayes from the Cleveland suburb of Parma died Monday after Catalde shot him in the face Saturday.

Authorities say Catalde told police he'd been drinking beer and talking to Jesse about hunting. They say Catalde was showing the boy a new shotgun when he pointed it at Jesse and pulled the trigger. 

Catalde said he didn't think the shotgun was loaded.

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  1. Well...

    Maybe when this type of shit happens, the punishment should simply be to be shot in the face. This type of behavior does not really fit in very well with established codes of justice from the last four millenia.

    However, it does appear to be uniquely twenty-first century U.S.A.