Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kentucky Man Arrested For Shooting Down Neighbor's Drone

Huffington Post

WDRB 41 Louisville News


  1. I think people freak out a little too much about “drones” (rather RC copters). The unedited sim card is a nice piece of evidence in this case. If he was taking aerial pictures of a neighboring house (which is entirely plausible), then he is owed $1800 by the guy who shot it down. If he was taking pictures of the daughter, then he got what he deserved.

  2. The last time Mike posted about drones, YouTube offered up some goof job about a guy they called Nigel to protect his identity who sent up a drone to film his brother's girlfriend sunbathing topless. Family-friendly version and unedited version for registered YouTube users of proper age. The topless shots weren't really all that, due to the distance from the camera.

    What was totally boner material and comedy gold was the footage of her bringing the vehicle down with a broom and then carrying it to the trash can. Absolutely dizzying footage of a stacked girl in a bikini, taken facing straight up from about the waistline at the underside of her boobs. She was pretending to be all pissed off. It was hilarious.

    It was probably staged, as she was awfully nice about the whole thing. Ranting at the poor wanker little brother with her arms wide open. Couldn't possibly have been real.

    Did anybody else see that? Nothing to be ashamed of.


  3. Here is an update of this case.
    William H. Merideth was cleared of first-degree endangerment and criminal mischief charges Monday when a judge ruled he had the right to shoot down David Boggs' drone.
    "I think it's credible testimony that his drone was hovering from anywhere, for two or three times over these people's property, that it was an invasion of their privacy and that they had the right to shoot this drone," Bullitt County Judge Rebecca Ward said, according to NBC affiliate WAVE. "

    1. I think we'll be seeing a lot of these stories from now on. This holiday season they're expecting to seem nearly a million drones. It won't be long before one of the gun nuts shoots at a drone and does some serious harm.

    2. Now that's a positive piece of jurisprudence, Judge Ward.