Sunday, September 20, 2015

More Open Carry Idiocy


  1. What a joke! Ann Arbor Michigan is known as a center of academic and musical excellence. One of the greatest is, of course, ground-breaking organist, Marilyn Mason.

    It's marijuana that has been de facto decriminalized in this college town since the mid 1970s when it was briefly legalized.

    Ann Arbor is a center of learning. Learned people do not go around carrying firearms, particularly in the open.

    Why? To make a point? What's the point?

  2. Don't bring your gun to the diner table.
    Simple example of how gun loons have no class, or manners.
    They are just dumb hillbillies who could care less who gets hurt, killed, or bothered. They don't understand most parents want their kids to be better than that.