Friday, September 4, 2015

Sacramento Community College Shooting - 1 Dead, 2 Wounded


California law enforcement officers searched for a gunman early Friday after one man was killed and two others wounded in a parking lot near a Sacramento community college campus, officials said.
The suspect fled the scene after the shooting near a baseball field Thursday afternoon, and was not found in a sweep of the campus and surrounding neighborhood, Sacrament police Sgt. Doug Morse said.
One victim was declared dead at the scene, and another was hospitalized and expected to survive. The third victim was only grazed by the bullet and was being questioned by investigators, authorities said.
The shooting started as a verbal dispute between the group of men, one of whom pulled out a gun and fired, said Dustin Poore of Los Rios police, who patrol Sacramento City College.
"A preliminary investigation revealed that a physical altercation between two groups of subjects, further escalated when a knife and gun were produced by the involved parties. It is believed that the victim of the fatal shooting was involved in the altercation," police said in a news release late Thursday. "The involvement of gang activity is not being ruled out."


  1. Every article I've read says it took place near the college, which would make it close, but no cigar, unless you're in charge of Everytown's school shooting database.
    However, I've seen one article which suggests that it took place in a parking lot of the school's baseball field. That would make it on school property.

    1. I agree. Even some of the shootings that take place on school grounds aren't really school shootings in the way those words conjure up images of Columbine or VA Tech.

  2. One more dead and the gun loons want to argue if it was on school grounds, or gang related.