Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Newest NRA Poster Child - Mia Higginbotham

from ssgmarkcr

Here is another example of New Jersey shooting itself in the foot.  A gun owner actually in the process of moving out of state and got arrested for having a firearm locked in her checked baggage.

While I'm not into videos, I ended up having to watch it because I wasn't understanding what her criminal act was.  

While the video was a bit melodramatic for me, You eventually get a good grasp of the situation and Mr. Nappen explains things very well.  You would think that after the first four, or is it five, I've lost count, they would figure it out. 

"New Jersey just keeps adding to its tally of gun-control victims. The latest: Mia Higginbotham, whose crime was trying to legally transport her legally owned firearm out of the state. She and her husband researched the TSA rules and were following the instructions to the letter of the law. But in the blink of an eye, she found herself arrested — not charged with a federal crime, but charged with a second-degree New Jersey felony."

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