Saturday, November 14, 2015

CHI-RAQ Official Trailer (2015) A Spike Lee Joint

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  1. Howdy Mike, the trailer actually looks a little interesting. Much more so than the documentary you posted a bit ago. I seem to recall seeing movies with a similar plot long ago, though I cant dredge up a title from my mind.
    Mr. Lee hasn't made himself too popular with the powers that be in Chicago for his film while seems to take the thug culture to task for its behavior. The city government doesn't like it because it again highlights their long term failure to come up with any effective strategy to reduce assaults on its citizens due to this culture.

    "Spike Lee had some strong words to say about Mayor Rahm Emanuel while being interviewed for an article that appears in Chicago Magazine about his upcoming film "Chi-Raq."
    The director told the publication that he and Emanuel got off on the wrong foot, and that the mayor wanted to portray him as a villain."

    “To be honest, he’s a bully,” Lee said, adding that: “He’s not gonna bully me. My tactic with the mayor—any bully—is to come out swinging.”
    Lee also referred to aldermen who have spoken out against the movie as “bootlickers.”

    As for whether something like this might work is a pretty obvious no. These days, sex is something freely given and received for pleasure or profit and has become a commodity. And of course, members of the thug culture have been known to take what they cant buy.
    Perhaps this is something the MOMs could take on to organize. After all, it seems to be gynocentric approach to gun violence which would seem to play with their image of women solving this problem.
    All in all though, I might just go to see it.